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I lost my voice!!!; ☺
good night, im going to bed @1:54 PM;

Ok so as far as i know the only way i can comunicate right now is through writting because ive lost my voice. Like ive been sick with a cough for like 2 months now but todays was just insane. So what can i say May is finally home, the girls dont want her to stay here and live with us, even if that means we are going to save money. But what can i do, like im not going to get into a fight just because of something like this, its not worth it. So today i spend the whole day with May, going to school, looking for departments, entering my clases etc. In other words ive been on the street the whole day never at home, and the temperature keeps on going up and down just like a rollercoaster. lmao. no no its more like my home town. Today at some point of the day i kind of felt a little home sick, but it went away quickly, i think its also going to help the fact that my friend is here because enlist i wont feel so left out, or more easier enlist she knows what im talking about. even tho i think shes not going to take one of my courses, but that doesnt matter anymore because i already have a group who i can work with, well its not really a group its me and this guy called alvaro. Lets talk about him some more his C-U-T-E but then again who isnt here??? his about my height, he is kind of blond, he has blue eyes, his from spain, his really sweet, his an engineer, what else can i say, i actually have to get to know him better before i can tell you guys what i really think, but my first impresion of him was good and it turns out we have 2 clases together. We have class on wednesday afternoons and thursdays and fridays so im going to be seeing him a lot =D......by the way yesterday i finally found richi online after like 2 weeks that i hadnt seen him online....i actually thought he had deleted me....but no its just because he doesnt have internet and i didnt haver internet either so thats why hes never online, but we were talking for a long while....wow i miss him....like a lot.....the worst part of it all is 1. hes so freaking far away and 2. everything here reminds me of him everything like there is even a bakery with his last name on it and its on the main street so everytime i go i always see the bakery and think of him....o this sucks im suppose to be happy with all the spanish boys and the only boy thats like 24/7 on my mind is him!!!! no no no i cannot fall in love thats not possible not again, i promised myself never to fall in love again.....well who cares because im still not going to see him for like another 5 months. well see what happens when i go back home....meanwhile im going to have some fun here =D..so anyways i think im going to go to bed because i feel really shitty right now....i hate being sick and most of all i hate being sick far away from home....

see you laters



your extraordinary girl 
many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart. To handle yourself use your head; to handle others use your heart. Anger is only one letter short of danger. If someone betrays you once it is his fault; if he betrays you twice its your fault. great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. he who loses money, loss much, he loses a friend , loses much more, he loses faith loses all.

February 2011

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